so long, farewell

hello! i’m happy you’ve found dear darling vintage, but i’m sorry to say that we have closed. ūüė¶

however, both danae and melissa have sites where you can keep up with us, and our vintage doings…

melissa has a lovely blog where she shares about her family and her wonderful vintage home- re stock.

danae has started a new vintage company and you can find out more at her website- gather and hunt.

we hope you’ll continue along with us as we have new adventures and find wonderful new vintage goods!


girl’s weekend at the funky junk show!

with the end of dear darling nearing and the arrival of melissa’s second little one less than a month away it seemed we needed to do something special. for the last baby i threw a big shower and did it up, but for the second one, honestly i just didn’t have the energy for another party. instead, i thought, why not take a little girl’s weekend trip? after checking to see if the husby and i had enough miles to buy two tickets to NYC (we didn’t), my thoughts turned to Sandpoint, Idaho. (pretty much the same thing right?).

while we were vending at Farm Chicks we met sisters Hollie and Heidi and their mom, Gail. they were all so nice and we discovered that Hollie is half of the awesomeness that is the Funky Junk! what better weekend getaway for two vintage loving gals than an antique show? and as an extra bonus, having a chance to see our new friends? perfect!

we had a great time, found lots of treasures, met great people (including Jennifer, the other half of Funky Junk, who we had seen at Farm Chicks but not met), spent some time in the pool, saw some wild turkeys, made friendship bracelets, ate delicious food, watched some DIY shows (another favorite of ours) and just plain enjoyed our bestie time! unfortunately we had such a good time we didn’t take many photos but here are a few we managed to catch with my trusty iPhone…

having fun at the funky junk show!

lunch at Foster's Crossing- an antique store with a nice little cafe! we were impressed with their straw wrapper art.

exploring downtown Sandpoint (i can never resist photographing cool old signs)

a great tooled leather garment bag i spotted at an antique store. the couple's name and a rendering of them and their horse was all tooled into it. so cool.

Melissa posing in the gold panning area at the resort. doesn't the cutout also look pregnant? so funny!

a terrible attempt at taking a photo with one hand on the other side of the cutout!

lovely sunset from the resort

someone is glad to have mommy home!

and look what was waiting for me at home! dahlias are my favorite and he even arranged them in one of my many vintage milk glass vases! what a nice husby i have.

what a lovely way to welcome in a new season for us both.


p.s. to see more photos from the funky junk show visit junk nation review‘s album on Facebook

so hard to say goodbye

eighteen months ago Melissa and i were sitting in a bakery in Yakima, Washington, discussing the possibilities of starting a vintage business together. a few weeks later, dear darling vintage was born. in the time since we ‘ve been caught in a whirlwind of experiences. from our grand opening that we barely finished in time for, designing two logos (with no real graphic design experience), branching out into handmade goods for christmas craft shows, and hundreds of different hairstyles, to preparing for and vending at the 2010 farm chicks show- it’s been an exciting, exhausting, and wonderful seventeen months and we’ve even managed to stay ‘besties’ the whole time!

what's so funny?

as great an experience as it’s been, in the words of the english proverb ‘all good things must come to an end’. it’s true. september will be the last chapter in dear darling’s story.¬†but, as this good thing comes to an end, many more good things are just beginning…

Melissa will be having her second baby in early October and she and her family are excited to begin this new adventure! you can keep up with her, her lovely home, and all the other projects she’s working on at her blog- a record of photographs.

i will remain in Seattle and have decided to continue in the vintage business. october 1st the current dear darling space will become gather and hunt. in addition to the retail space, i am in the process of developing a website that will offer daily inspiration for the vintage life as well as resources and tools for all things vintage. while the website is in development you can keep up with me, and gather & hunt on facebook, pinterest and the blog.

so, while saying goodbye is never easy, we’re both definitely excited about all the new projects ahead of us. and, as a thank you to all of our wonderful customers, we’re having a sale! stop by the dear darling space at the fremont vintage mall anytime this month for half off many of the great items there!

it’s been such an amazing year plus and we have been honored to share it with all of you! thank you for your support, comments, and kind words throughout the adventure. stay tuned in the next few weeks to hear more about our special celebratory girl’s trip, the grand finale sale, gather & hunt’s grand opening events, and a special photo retrospective edition!



tales from the hunt- redeux

back in the day when we had our site over on typepad i ran a series called ‘tales from the hunt’- stories about my adventures in estate sales, thrifting, etc. unfortunately, some of the content never made it to our new site when we changed over and i haven’t taken the time to re-post it here…until now.

today, one of my all-time favorite sales is happening in Seattle and though i didn’t have time to blog about it this year, i’ve re-posted the story from last year so you can all enjoy it! before you continue on though- if you’re in seattle and haven’t been to this sale yet- you need to leave your home and go right now! all the details are in the craigslist post for it. why are you still sitting there? go!

volume two- the jeff and tammy show!

both melissa and myself have been capitol hill residents in the past- it’s a neighborhood that is near and dear to our hearts, filled with amazing people and places. capitol hill is also a particularly great neighborhood for yard and sidewalk sales and one of my favorites also happens to be an annual sale, hosted by a wonderful couple- jeff and tammy. i’ve been going to their sale for 3 years and this year, i thought it would be fun to take some photos, do a little interview, and share the adventure with everyone!

all the vintage goodness you can fit in a yard!

each year jeff and tammy fill their front yard, as well as part of their friendly neighbors yard, with vintage treasures of all kinds. in the past i’ve found everything from a huge box of word and sentence cards from an old ‘fun with dick and jane’ primer, to great vintage clothes, artwork, books, and more! each summer i’ve wondered where they manage to come up with such wonderful items year after year. asking tammy about this, she explained that she runs an ebay store and, like many of us who have spent any amount of time in the estate sale circles, often has more stocked up than she needs. so, each year they hold the ‘jeff and tammy show’ and sell their excess vintage wonders for great prices to anyone lucky enough to stop by!

in years past, the owners of¬†private screening¬†would often be the 1st customers on the scene, shopping for their fremont store, as well as an online store. this year i was delightfully surprised to find lots of great clothes still hanging up when i arrived (in spite of the fact i was running behind!). when i talked to tammy she mentioned that since private screening no longer has a brick and mortar store, they hadn’t come to the sale this year. though i am sad that the private screening store has left fremont, i was pleased to score some great clothes at jeff and tammy’s this year!

the best part of going to jeff and tammy’s sale is jeff and tammy themselves. i don’t know that i’ve ever met such kind and warm people. they seem to know everyone that stops by and even if you’re just meeting them for the first time, you’ll feel like an instant friend. they’re also a lot of fun- the sale feels more like a party than a sale at times!

if you missed it this year- stop by the dear darling booth and check out some of the great items we found at jeff and tammy’s. then, next summer, when you’re browsing craigslist and see ‘the jeff and tammy show’ listed in the garage sale section- don’t pass it up- you won’t regret it!

the farm chicks show 2011

i can scarcely believe it’s been almost two weeks since we set out on our adventure to the amazing¬†2011 farm chicks show! the days since we returned from spokane have been so busy i haven’t even had time to share our farm chicks experience- until now that is…

our journey to the show actually began on the wednesday before with a bonus trip to yakima to collect the ‘new’ pick-up truck. melissa’s husby made short work of getting it ready to make the haul to spokane but i had to get it back to seattle so i could hitch the trailer to it.

i didn't take time to snap a photo of the truck until we got to the show- but there she is in all her haulin' glory

on thursday my mom, the husby, and i loaded the truck and trailer up with my portion of the goods, and the husby and i headed back to yakima.

drivin' over the pass

we were a little behind schedule and by the time we got all of melissa’s stuff, plus our booth walls, loaded it was after 11pm! exhausted and starving we headed to sports center (one of the few places still open) for some late night food and drink.

the great vintage revolving sport center sign (taken on a previous, earlier in the day, visit)

friday morning came quickly after such a late night and we missed our 5am departure time by a bit, but we made good time and arrived at the expo center parking lot with plenty of time to unload and set up.

i really wish i had taken some photos of the trailer before we unloaded it because it was a thing to marvel at- the husby’s did an amazing job of packing it as full as it could possibly be!

my husby, bill, taking a break in the partially unloaded trailer- you can still see how well everything was packed in there

set-up didn’t quite go as smoothly as we had hoped, but we still had everything pretty much ready in time. melissa and i did much of the ‘construction’ ourselves (thanks to a friend who pre-built the walls and even pre-drilled the holes for us!).

me sinking screws to join the walls together

melissa showing us how it's done

taking a little lunch break

hiding from the sun

after some scrambling in the last few hours to get everything set up, they finally announced it was closing time so we locked up the trailer, piled in to the volvo and headed to the hotel to check in, then on to dinner.

hotel lusso, our home base during the show

steam plant grill- a former city steam plant that's been converted into offices and this great restaurant.

the interior of the steam plant

they even let you go inside one of the old smoke stacks!

the smoke stacks from outside the building

after dinner we all hit the hay-we needed our rest for the first day of the show! all night i felt like a kid waiting for christmas- i even had dreams (and a few nightmares) about the show and kept waking up thinking it was time to go when really i had only been asleep for a few hours.

saturday morning eventually came, we grabbed a quick breakfast, stopped by the hardware store for some last minutes things, headed to the fairgrounds and hurriedly finished setting up the booth. i honestly didn’t think we’d make it, but we did and by 9am when they let all the pre-sale ticket holders in the door we were ready!

the front of the booth on saturday morning (thanks to katie and megan for taking some of these pics)

the rest of the weekend is a bit of blur. we had an amazing time, sent many wonderful things off to new homes, met lots of great vendors, chatted with shoppers from all over the country, and even had a chance to do a little shopping (well, melissa did- i ended up not buying a single thing, i couldn’t believe it when i realized it sunday night). i think the highlight for me was all the vendors that kept telling us that our booth was their favorite. that, and the mother/daughter shopping duo that asked to take our picture! we were also really lucky to have two amazing ladies who came out for the weekend to help us while we took our lunch breaks- thanks megan and katie!

megan assisting with sunday morning's set-up (katie was behind the camera so there aren't any pics of her!)

so now i’ll just leave you with a whole bunch of photos of our booth. unfortunately my camera battery died early sunday morning (rookie mistake or what?) so most of these are from my iPhone, but i think they get the point across pretty well. we had two different versions of display’s- with new goods added on sunday, so you might notice those changes in the photos. if you’re looking for more coverage of this fantastic show, head on over to serena’s blog for a complete list of all the blog posts about the farm chicks show. our booth even made it on to heather bullard’s blog which you can find on this list. thanks for going on this little farm chicks adventure with us- i hope you enjoyed it!

tying on our aprons took team work!

part of our sign that never made it up

the husby's after we finished loading up after the show- i love this pic but they both look so mad!

not sure what was so funny!

crafting my little heart out

i’ve been putting the last few touches on things for farm chicks. everything is clean, packed, tagged, ready to go. i’ve picked out my outfits, decided how to do my hair and bought some new fingernail polish.

last night i was up late doing some final craft projects while the husby (tried) to fix some clocks i wanna sell.

thought you might like a little peak at our evening:



3 more days,


ps i got my new business cards yesterday! i am so happy/excited about them! i was particularly relieved that they were exactly how i ordered them. i had a dream last week that they got here and were huge!

you are here

with The Farm Chicks Show less than a week away things have been exciting in both my home and melissa’s! we’re both busy prepping our goods for the big show, creating decorations for our booth, making signs, organizing hotel rooms, buying pick-up trucks (i just bought a 1978 ford- i’ll have photos to share soon), fixing pick-up trucks (melissa’s husby is being kind enough to fix some things on the truck i just bought!), searching for grey and yellow wrapped candy (it’ll make sense if you come to the show), and so much more.

to top it all off, i had to fly out to the east coast for a family wedding this weekend. it’s nice to see family, but really bad timing- way too much to be done back home!

despite all the madness of the last few weeks, i was so excited to see an email from Serena at The Farm Chicks in my inbox this morning with the vendor map for the show! seeing our name in print on an official Farm Chicks Show document makes it all seem real, which, while a bit scary, is also delightful!

so now, for those who are planning to come to the show, you’ll know just where to find us: right in the middle of bay 1, spaces 206 & 207! we look forward to seeing you there!